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October 6, 2014 Commission Approves Review of Delmarva Power & Light Company’s Standard Offer Service
On September 30, 2014, the Delaware Public Service Commission approved Order 8619 authorizing the PSC Staff to conduct a review of alternative supply options for Delmarva Power & Light Company’s standard offer service customers and to provide long-term recommendations to help reduce electric supply costs. The review is intended to complement the work being done by the Electric Aggregation Committee led by Delaware Secretary of State Jeffrey Bullock.

October 6, 2014 - Delaware Public Service Commission Staff Works To Ensure Gas Pipeline Safety
The safety of utility gas mains has been in the news nationally over the past year due to several explosions that have caused loss of life as well as significant damage to infrastructure. Many explosions involve bare steel or cast iron pipe gas mains that may corrode or become weak over time and create a gas leak.

The Delaware Public Service Commission closely monitors the amount of bare steel and cast iron pipe in the ground for both Delmarva Power and Chesapeake Utilities. Additionally, the Public Service Commission devotes over 1600 man-hours each year conducting over 275 pipeline safety inspections.

Delmarva Power has over 1,900 miles of natural gas main pipelines in Delaware; Chesapeake Utilities has over 900 miles of main pipelines. Both utilities have replaced over 33% of their bare steel and cast iron gas mains over the past ten years, and continue to do so on an annual basis. Delmarva Power has less than 100 miles of such gas mains remaining; Chesapeake Utilities has less than 20 miles.
It’s important to note that the PSC staff has worked with the utilities on replacing bare steel and cast iron pipelines without adding a tariff rider which would increase costs for utility customers. This is a great example of regulators and utility companies working together to promote safety in our communities.

If a customer smells natural gas around their home or business, it is important to call their local gas company immediately so that the issue can be investigated. Customers should not operate any electrical appliances or switches if a gas smell is present.

September 29, 2014 - Consumer Alert - Beware of Payment Scams
Recently the Delaware Public Service Commission has been alerted to a payment scam perpetrated on some Delmarva Power customers. Customers are being contacted via telephone by individuals who claim they represent Delmarva Power and demand immediate payment.

Many utility companies, including Delmarva Power, will contact customers for legitimate business reasons. It’s important that customers verify that a person claiming to represent a company is actually affiliated with the company, especially if that person is requesting an immediate payment. Also, it’s important to note that most utility companies do not endorse a specific form of payment; instead multiple payment options are provided to make it as convenient as possible for customers. If customers have any doubt about the validity of person’s claim to represent Delmarva Power, they should call the company immediately at 1-800-375-7117.

September 29, 2014 - Declaratory Order Issued Regarding New Electric Transmission in Delaware
In its meeting on September 9, 2014, the Delaware Public Service Commission heard arguments and ultimately approved an Order confirming that neither Delaware public utility law nor prior orders of the Commission prohibit nonincumbent transmission providers from siting, constructing and owning electric transmission facilities in Delaware.

The Order was sought by Northeast Transmission Development, LLC and joined by PSE&G. They are two of the finalists in the PJM-led project for transmission solutions to improve operational performance in the Artificial Island (New Jersey) area. The solutions offered by both companies include building new transmission projects in Delaware, and PJM directed the finalists to provide confirmation regarding the legal ability to site and construct new transmission in Delaware.